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Andrew Alliance and Daniella Manansala share the biggest stories in video games and entertainment while giving some tech tips along the way.

May 1, 2014

In the Episode of The Show Radio, Andrew shares the tech and gaming news that caught his attention recently. During PAX East 2014, Andrew spoke to David Leong who talked about the HyperX Cloud headset. Andrew also spoke to Astro Gaming's Bella Coladonato in regards to the Astro brand and the upcoming Astro gaming A38 Bluetooth headset.


  • HyperX interview with David Leong  - 24:26
  • Astro Gaming Interview with Bella Coladonato - 36:22

Technology News

Gaming News

  • According to the Entertainment Software Association, 59% of Americans play video games, with 68% of the audience playing on consoles. The average gaming household has at least one dedicated console, PC, or Smartphone, and about 51% of those households own an average of two game consoles. Smartphone and wireless device usage has increased since 2012, from 22% to 37%. The average gamer is 31-years-old, and women represent a greater portion of the audience now. Women 18 and over represent 36%, compared to the 17% of boys age 18 and younger. The number of female gamers age 50 and older increased by 32% as well.
  • Xbox One coming to China in September
  • Dustforce is now available on the Xbox 360
  • May Xbox Live Gold Members will get Dust: An Elysian Tail and Saints Row: The Third Free
  • Mario Kart 8 Direct
  • Michael Knowland leaves Naughty Dog
  • E.T Landfill Excavation
  • WWE network now available on the Xbox One
  • Is Mass Effect Trilogy coming to Xbox One and PS4?
  • Drive Club slated for October 7th
  • DuckTales Remastered OST
  • What was in Playstation 4’s 1.70 update?
  • Call of Duty Ghosts Demo coming to PS3 & PS4


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