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Andrew Alliance and Daniella Manansala share the biggest stories in video games and entertainment while giving some tech tips along the way.

Oct 6, 2015

Halo 5's Master Chief is no longer alone. Mr. John-117 is always accompanied by a human or computer-controlled character in the next installment of the franchise. The game, scheduled to be released on October 27th is described as a manhunt where Chief goes AWOL and Locke is hunting him down. The Spartan hero may not be as we remember him in years past - Alone, heroic and alive. The recent trailer shows him as dead but we know that the Chief is taking a moment to rest before he finishes the mission at hand. We hope.

For a moment, think of the top 5 shooters to date. Think about it one more time, did Halo make your top 5 list? It seems like no one is really talking about it, either that or 343 industries is doing a stellar job at keeping the details under wraps. We see his painting on the walls of london and at same time, they call him traitor. We see the newly design covenant vehicles and we yearn for a more sociable narrative. Should we blame ourselves for the lack of hype for Halo 5?

  • Transformers 5, 6, 7 and 8 are in the works
  • Zulip is a completely free open source team chat client that you can host yourself
  • How do I watch HBO NOW on Ubuntu?
  • Ad Blocking: Essentially, Google made a revision to Chromium (and, by extension, Chrome and Chrome OS) that made advertisements on YouTube unskippable.
  • Amazon will no longer sell the Chromecast or Apple TV, this goes into effect at the end of the month
  • OnePlus will be selling the USB Type-C cable. The cables (100cm and 150cm) only available in red, will go for $5.49 and $6.99.
  • Bethesda and Zenimax Online Studios on Monday announced the next DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online, described as the game's biggest expansion yet, will be set in the home of the Orcs, Orsinium. The DLC is well over 20 hours.
  • Skullgirls developer Lab Zero Games is working on a role-playing game called Indivisible and it looks absolutely awesome!
  • Fans remaking Metal Gear in the Unreal Engine
  • Rise above extinction in Far Cry Primal, coming February 23, 2016.
  • Navin Kumar from the Xbox team provides an overview of the many ways you can further customize your Xbox Elite Wireless Controller through the app.
  • Why is Quantum Break delayed? creative director Sam Lake that great games aren't rushed. Quantum Break launches on April 5, 2016 for Xbox One
  • Interbrand, a brand consultant agency posted its "Best Global Brands" report for 2015 and Nintendo did not make the cut. The reasoning is because Nintendo didn't pivot quickly enough to consumer needs. Additionally, the reason Nintendo didn't make the cut includes the financial performance of the branded products and services, it's role in persuading customer choice and premium product placement price or earnings for the company.
  • Call of Duty Black Ops III's voice actors include Law & Order's Christopher Meloni, Battlestar Galactica's Katee Sackhoff, Tony Amendola (Stargate SG-1), Sean Douglas (Days of Our Lives), Rachel Kimsey (Days of Our Lives, The Young and the Restless), Ben Browder (Farscape), and Abby Brammel (The Unit).
  • Destiny is getting microtransactions next week. Everis will be selling 18 emotes which can be purchased with a new in-game currency called Silver, which is purchased with real money.


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