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Google is rolling out Duo — a simplistic approach to 1-to-1 video calling app for Android and iOS. I also touch on the latest Tech and Gaming buzz. Enjoy!




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Google Duo + The Playstation Neo 4K Dilemma - 314 first appeared on The Show Radio

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Known as MissDJM, Daniella Manansala is a Streamer on Twitch. She is sponsored by Green Man Gaming and is a member of Girl Streamers. We chat about her growth in life, Games Media, DC, Marvel, Dead by Daylight, the state of television and San Diego Comic-Con.


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Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz (‎Principle Narrative Designer) share the latest information on Gwent, the now standalone Witcher card game.


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James Lang (‎Product Manager and Hardware Designer) share the latest information on the new Astro A50 for Xbox One and Playstation 4.  


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Mohammad Alavi and Dusty Welch share the latest iterations of Titanfall 2. They also share about their trials and triumphs of making their upcoming shooter. Special Thanks to Kahlief Adams for the inviting me on this collaboration. 


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Xbox had a strong showing of content for E3 2016. This conference focused on integration, gaming and hardware. We chime in on our Xbox Press Conference reactions. Thanks for The Koalition and Spawn on me for their support. 


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Chris Von Huben (co-founder and CEO of LucidSound) and Aaron Smith (co-founder and Head of Product at LucidSound) discuss the history of LucidSound and the current products available on the market. 




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Once upon a time, it was Structure Gaming and now Billy Nichols shares his new project called Limit Break.  We discuss his journey about finding his way in life, the gaming industry and the beauty of new beginnings. I also share an announcement as well. 


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Co-Host Peter Toledo of Gamertag Radio joins me as we discuss his journey in Tech and Gaming. We chat about the Warriors, Faith, Android and much more. 


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Warriors were down 3-1. Some counted them out and now they're going home for game 7. For the Thunder, Kevin Durant chose to play hero ball for Game 6. But for the Warriors, they live to fight another day because of the valiant effort of the Splash Brother - Klay Thompson. Parris Lilly joins this episode as we turn on our microphones right after the game. 


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